125mm Punched Sanding Discs, 5” Orbital Sander Pads, Sand Paper available in 40, 60, 80, 120, 240, 320, 400, 600 and 800 Grit

Aluminium oxide sanding discs with hook and loop backing for attachment to your sanding machines -

These discs fit any 125" / 5" sanding machine, orbital sander etc

These are an 8 hole punched configuration, the most common hole placement, fitting Bosch sanders etc ( As in the hole placement, the discs themselves will fit any machine)

Aluminum oxide works perfectly on wood, plastic, metal and plaster. The particles break during sanding, constantly exposing new, sharp edges. Aluminum oxide sandpaper is long-lasting, ideal for both power and hand sanding.

We don't just sell these discs, we use them in our business every single day, we use all the grit sizes and know first hand how good these are, we wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't use ourseleves


We've worked with our manufacturers over a number of years, making changes to the backing of the sand paper ( Its thicker, better grade) and the way they are punched and packed - all leading to a product of much greater quality.

Punched Holes for dust extraction are vital for dust extraction and longevity of the sanding disc. 

Your lungs will be very grateful for this and your discs will last longer as they wont clogg as fast.

Grit Guide

The lower the grit number, the courser the sand paper.

Grits 40 , 60 and 80 – Paint removal, rust removal, leveling and shaping wood

Grit 120 – Surface prep for walls, wood, metal, scratch removal and smoothing.

Grit 240 – Fine smoothing and surface prep for wood

Grits 320 – 800 – Ultra fine sanding on wood workpiece, sanding between coats of oil, wax, lacquer etc

If you would like a mix of grits in your order let us know during checkout in the notes section.

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125mm (5") Sanding Discs 40 to 800 Grit

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