This was made pre Covid for a customer who had to cancel the order when the lock downs hit. Its been sat in the workshop ever since and needs to go. 

There are some small dings to one of the bass drum hoops which are only noticeable under close inspection so grab a bargain.  

Sizes 13" x 11", 16" x 16", 22" x 16

Shell Thickness: 6.5mm

Edges: 45 degree

Shell Material: 100% USA Maple

Finish: Oil over British Racing Green Stain with Yellow Stain Hoops

Heads: Toms: Emporer Coated Batters, Ambassador Clear Reso. Bass Drum: Powerstroke Coated Batter. Ambassador Smooth White Reso

Floor Tom Legs included.

Ready to ship. 

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3 piece Maple Shell Pack

  • Product Code: 3 piece Maple Shell Pack
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  • £1,000.00

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